Small Scale Separators

Small-Scale Separators for Dairy Farms and AD Plants

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New Small-Scale Separator is Big on Results

Following the success of its acclaimed Separators since their launch in 2016, Borger has released a new, affordable, 25 m³/h model, suitable for dairy farmers with herds of up to 150 – and for small-scale biogas operators.

The launch of this compact new Bioselect RC 25 Small-Scale Slurry Separators (which complements Borger’s existing range of up to 40 m³/h, 75 m³/h and 150 m³/h Separators), provides for an easy and highly effective separation of slurry.


The Borger Separator range now includes Small-Scale Slurry Separators.
The Borger Separator range now includes a small scale separator.


Reducing storage volume and creating effective fertilization with the liquid phase or use of solids as bedding material, the Borger Separator can be fully installed or used as a mobile unit, consistently achieving Dry Solids (DS) content up to 38%.

The Borger Bioselect 25 m³/h model also benefits from a new feature that enables the user to adjust the length of the dewatering chamber to their specific requirements for enhanced separation efficiency. (part of the range of Small-Scale Slurry Separators.)

To ensure optimal utilization of the Separator, as well as long service life, Borger manufactures ready-to-connect, complete units with Separator, Borger rotary lobe pump and control unit that synchronizes the operation of the components. Upon request, Borger can also take care of the construction of the frame or the trailer.

In addition, Borger has developed a new frame concept for its separators – customized, using a modular principle depending on the amount of space available at the customers’ premises. For the new Bioselect RC 25, the frame can be equipped with a three-point-hitch frame. This makes it possible to relocate the entire unit easily and quickly by using a tractor.

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Introducing Separators for Farm Slurry and Anaerobic Digestion Digestate Output

Why Use a Slurry Separator?

Mechanical separation of slurry removes some solids and provides a liquid that can be pumped. The solid portion, typically 10 to 20% of the original slurry volume can be stacked and stored in a similar way to farmyard manure, although you must make provision to collect run-off (usually from beneath the separator).

The use of a slurry separator can help farmers comply with environmental regulations which are designed to reduce farm run-off pollution into watercourses.

Specifying Small-Scale Slurry Separators

A “separator” (slurry separator) which will be durable is generally manufactured in full stainless steel to provide with a long-life for all parts in contact with the slurry. The rugged design should be described as allowing for a long service life when in continual use for applications which set demanding and challenging operating conditions, and for both industrial and agricultural use.

Separators can be specified as:

  • Screen type.
  • FAN Separator
  • Rotoscreen separator
  • Screw press type, or
  • Roller and brush type.

Different Types of Small-Scale Slurry Separators

There are many types of slurries and many processes which utilize separators, both centrifugal and grid type. Several operation technologies are available, each with different approaches to achieving similar results, and range from mechanical separators, capable of recovering nearly three-quarters of the solids in slurry, to membrane systems that produce nutrient-rich solids.

Which of these offers the best solution for an individual farm depends on several factors, including the slurry type and volume and the end product required.

Screw Press Cow Dung Slurry Separators

Cow Dung Slurry Separators

We chose to refer to cow dung slurry separators in our title here, but the same machines have been variously described as a:

  • Manure crushing machine
  • manure dewatering machine
  • Pig/cow/chicken manure slurry separators.

These machines are widely used in industries such as:

The function of this machine is to use a pump to pull the fowl manure, cow dung etc slurry, into dewatering equipment, pass the material through the screen and then press by the screw. The rotary speed of the machine can reach 45r/min, with only the press of a touch-sensitive control screen.

The screw press cow dung slurry separator is a kind of dehydrator of livestock and poultry manure.

Small-Scale Slurry Separators For Sale

1,319 slurry separator products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba. Com, of which mineral separators account for 18%, other farm machines account for 6%.

Approach the primary worldwide slurry separator market manufacturing companies, to specify, clarify and analyze the product sales amount, value and market share, market rivalry landscape, swot analysis and development plans for the coming years. And, don't forget to look at the new Small-Scale Slurry Separators.

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