image showing deer bodies dumped in landfills

Sad and Shocking Bodies Dumped in Landfills in the Last 10 Years

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image showing deer bodies dumped in landfills
image showing deer bodies dumped in landfills

The following bodies and body parts have been dumped in landfills in the last 10 years.

Unfortunately, sad things happen, and then he remains have to be disposed of in the best way possible in the circumstances.

Sometimes, animals die and are not suitable for using for food production, or rendering down for other uses. Also, when these events occur in remote parts of the world, there may be no alternative to landfill disposal.  So, bodies do get dumped in landfills, especially where there are regulations which prevent the cross-border transport of these remains. Here are our three examples of recent sad and shocking bodies dumped in landfills:

The first example below is understandable;

Giant whale carcass moved from beach to landfill

The 22-ton humpback first showed up around the fourth of July holiday, and despite efforts to keep it out to sea, its carcass has washed ashore three times.

Wally first washed ashore on Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles County a couple weeks ago.

It was then towed out to sea.

Then on Saturday, it was spotted floating near Grandview Beach in Encinitas, just north of San Diego.

“It's not every day you see a humpback whale come up on the beach,” Encinitas Lifeguard Capt. Larry Giles told

CNN affiliate KSWB. “It's a natural occurrence, cycle of life.”

Giles made the decision to move the carcass to a landfill instead of towing it out to sea.

But the whale was so big, it broke a forklift the first time the coast guard tried to move it, according to KSWB.

The decision was made to cut it into pieces and then move it, KSWB reported.

“We're kind of fortunate in a way because this whale is still intact. It's been decomposing over the last few weeks,” Giles said.

If it had broken up in the water, it would have been much more difficult to clean up, Giles said.

Pieces of the whale were still spotted in the water, which is attracting sharks, surfers told KFMB.

via Giant whale carcass to be moved from beach to landfill

The second example is hard to understand;

Why Did USDA Dump Deer At Layon Landfill?

PNC confirmed that this pile of deer was dumped at the Layon Landfill by the USDA onThursday.

Guam – A pile of dead deer was dumped at the Layon Landfill by a U.S. government agency.

via Why Did USDA Dump Deer At Layon Landfill?

The third is, well!, astonishing!


FOX NEWS|  The Pentagon on Thursday pledged “utmost care” for the remains of fallen soldiers following a report that the remains of at least 274 troops were dumped in a Virginia landfill.

The report, in The Washington Post, revealed that the Air Force used the landfill far more frequently than had previously been acknowledged. The practice was ended three years ago.

“The secretary is aware of this media report and remains committed to the utmost care for our fallen heroes and their families,” George Little, spokesman for Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, said in a statement.

Little added that Panetta supports “the current practice of placing subsequently identified remains at sea, which has been the policy of the department since 2008.”

According to the Post, incinerated partial remains were dumped at a King George County landfill in Virginia. They were cremated between 2004 and 2008.

The report was based on database information at the Dover Air Base mortuary, where the remains of most war dead return. The revelations came after a four-year inquiry by the widow of Sgt. Scott Smith, who was killed in July 2006 as part of a bomb-disposal unit. She kept asking about where his remains were placed and eventually got the answer.

The families of the dead authorised the military to dispose of the remains respectfully and with dignity. They were unaware of the landfill dumping, and Air Force officials told the newspaper they have no plans now to alert the families.

Military policy or regulations did not formally authorise the practice. The mortuary has handled the remains of more than 6,300 troops since 2001. via REMAINS of 274 TROOPS DUMPED in Virginia LANDFILL


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