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Garbage dispute Just recently, the environment triggered by the waste incineration controversy, has actually ended up being a hot topic of China's public environment. Over the previous year, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Panyu, Nanjing, Shanghai and Beijing and other cities all have varying scale break out of mass events, some individuals freely revealed their concerns about incineration plant influence the living environment. However, appropriate government departments to provide the message that waste incineration will certainly be the brand-new trend of China's big cities waste. Beijing, for example, early in the year “

2 “, The 283 deputies of the waste movement, directed at the critical scenario in Beijing and waste disposal issue. After the Beijing community government through research to reach a consensus, clearly stated,” accelerate the Strong Waste Incineration and extensive treatment plants. “According to the strategy Beijing will invest 10 billion yuan in 2015, the building of 40 garbage disposal centers, consisting of nine incineration plant. then, has actually been operating for a year in addition to the high security outside Tuen incineration plant, incineration plant Aso Wei, Beijing South Incineration Plant, Dong Town, incineration and incineration plants Liulitun, North heaven incineration plant, Nangong incineration plant, incineration plant and the beam, Shunyi District, home incineration plant will be gradually put into operation, the waste therapy capacity will reach 8,200 tons daily garbage incineration ratio from the present 2 % to 40 %.

Behind this project is to improve the speed of the Beijing Community waste disposal capability of the severe lag. Data from the community government of Beijing's garbage in 1990, total less than 200 tons, in 2008 soared to 6.72 million tons, 18,400 heaps daily. If according to today rate of about 8 % a year remained to enhance, in 2012, Beijing garbage output will reach 9.14 million tons in 2015 to reach 11.52 million heaps, everyday average of 30,000 loads. At present the city a total amount of 23 municipal solid waste centers, the design everyday capability of 10,400 tons, the real capacity has actually reached 17,400 loads daily, the average rate of 67 % overload.

All China's situation is comparable to Beijing. According to statistics, the nation of trash in 1981 was about 30 million heaps, to the rapid growth in 2004 was 1.6 million lots, annual development rate of about 7 % to 10 %, and GDP development rate of roughly the same.

Follow-up processing power because of absence of the trash if you do not burn, it just into the garbage dump. Incredible to say, till 1993 when Beijing still take garbage out of the city, open an easy stacking approach. Beijing 1994 constructed the very first modern garbage dump, and lastly have the ability to refuse to do sound processing. Nevertheless, with rapid financial development, was soon faced with the scenario not to be buried. Chen, director of Beijing Municipal Administration Commission, said in a meeting: “Beijing is overwhelmed garbage dump operation, less than 5 years, 4 years no location to decline to fill, so the building of incineration plants for us stresses is needed. “

However, waste incineration, if dealt with appropriately, will produce extremely hazardous substance dioxin, can not be said to be a perfect technique. The problem is, give all garbage dump will not last for life. Long-distance transport of garbage from the economic terms is clearly really uneconomical, near the city garbage dump will occupy useful land resources, if the landfill technical imperfections, it will certainly likewise generate a great deal of damaging gases, as well as pollute underground water. In recent years, the groups associated with land fill is an endless stream of events, social impact is also no less than incineration.

In the end is incineration or land fill? Stiff trash issue in here. To break the stalemate, first concern is to minimize trash.

Waste reduction

“To resolve the general principle of municipal solid waste issue is ‘5 of' very first concern is the reduction, to minimize garbage volume.” Deputy chief engineer of Beijing Municipal Administration Commission, stated Wang Weiping told BusinessWeek, “The second is resource, that is waste recycling. The third is the noise, such as garbage dump or burned. Fourth, the neighborhood, government and public business need to be involved. Fifth, industrialization, to encourage ventures to run.

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