Huesker’s new FCC+ Tipper Trailer with Borger pump (Börger’s FL1036 pump).

Börger FL1036 Pumps Avoid Wasted Biogas Feedstock Trips

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At first sight, this headline sounds impossible, and we admit that at first, we thought how could  Börger FL1036 Pumps (or anybody else's for that matter!) avoid wasted Biogas Feedstock trips – or trips to anywhere at all! But this is perfectly possible and highly environmentally beneficial while saving the operator a lot of transport cost.

The Börger FL1036 Pumps are fitted on a brand new type of truck. It's an aluminium truck with a flexible transportation system allows alternate journeys with liquids and solids. In this way, “empty runs” can be avoided. In fact, the design has been recognised as an innovative transport development with an industry award. The combination Flexcover Combi Plus was awarded the second place in the category “concept” at the “Trailer Innovation Award 2019”.

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Press Release:

No AD/ Biogas feedstock trips wasted with Borger on Board Huesker’s new Tipper Trailer

Huesker’s new FCC+ Tipper Trailer that eliminates empty runs by carrying dry goods/AD-biogas feedstock one way and then liquid/digestate for the return journey, is fitted with one of Börger’s FL1036 pumps.

Huesker’s new FL1036 FCC+ Tipper Trailer with Borger pump with  FL1036
Huesker’s new FCC+ Tipper Trailer with Borger pump.


The Maintenance-in-Place (MIP) Borger pump, which is capable of 6,000 l/min, has been chosen for its superior performance and reliability – as well as its easy servicing, as Ross Murray, Area Business Manager for Agriculture & Industry at Huesker Group, explained:

“By effectively removing the need for a second vehicle, an empty run and a return journey, our new Tipper Trailer provides significant economic and ecological benefits. These are brought about by top-quality design features, including the Borger pump. For the Tipper’s flexible storage tank and roll-out pumping system, we know we can rely on Borger – and with their pumps always being so easy to maintain, it provides another important advantage for our customers”.

Murray also confirmed that the FFC + incorporates a special a high-strength PVC/TPU membrane with high chemical resistance so that in addition to liquid manure, many other liquids such as water, liquid feed and brine solutions can be accommodated.

David Brown, Managing Director of Borger UK, added: “Huesker’s top-quality products are second to none, so we are very pleased to see that our pumps – always designed for ease of use, efficiency and robustness, are chosen to complement such an outstanding new Tipper Trailer as the FCC +”.

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More About Dual Use Trucks/ Trailers

Functional upgrade for manure transportation

Using the Flexcover Combi solution, an existing tipping trailer can be converted for use as a manure transport vehicle to move liquid manure/fermentation liquids to fields in the same way as a tanker.

This is accomplished by removing the original trailer tailgate and installing the Combi system onto the tailgate fittings.

Any complex installation is avoided as the entire module is supplied fully assembled, including the pump and storage bag.

Börger FL1036 Pumps: This pump is an important feature in Huesker’s new FCC+ Tipper Trailer.
Börger FL1036 Pumps: This pump is an important feature in Huesker’s new FCC+ Tipper Trailer.

Hydraulic hoses for the pump and RotaCut need to be installed on just one occasion prior to the initial assembly, with subsequent connection to the tractor/trailer hydraulics or an auxiliary pump.

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