Construction Waste Bags

construction wasteConstruction waste bags are an extremely strong bag, usually with a capacity of 1 cubic metre.

This type of construction waste bag can hold about 1500 kg of construction and demolition waste and is provided with a closure system and lifting handles.

In contrast to the classic large waste container, if you keep it in your front garden, you can be certain that you are the only one who will use it.

No asbestos, paint or other hazardous waste can be placed in a construction waste bag.

CC BY-ND by Ambernectar 13

Your local construction waste disposal service company (often called a “skip” company) usually provides the distribution, collection and the environmentally friendly processing and disposal of full construction waste bags.

Watch the video below, if you are a US resident, for information on Construction Waste Bags. Although it has been recorded as a local service video for those that live in the City of Fridley, this video also provides useful information for residents throughout the US about City Codes.


    • Dumpsy
    • 07/02/2022

    The material’s or component’s life cycle and serviceability present a challenge, in my opinion. Can reclaimed materials and building components be used and installed as-is, or must they be refurbished in some way? As a result, the refurbishment process would continue to add waste to the production pipeline. Thoughts?

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