construction site waste management plans

The Construction Waste Management Plan

The construction industry has many different aspects to manage during a project whether the project is large or small.
With so many different types of legislation to adhere to, they can be time consuming but ultimately used to your advantage as each piece of legislation is designed to create a better environment and even to save you money during the build.
meme about construction site waste management plansSite Waste Management Plans, introduced as a legal requirement back in April 2008, have been created to provide a framework for waste management and waste disposal throughout larger construction projects.
On the face of it, the SWMP just looks like another governmental procedure designed to waste more time and cost more money, but this certainly isn't the case.
First and foremost, Site Waste Management Plans can ensure that your commercial waste disposal is carried out legally with as little harm to the environment as possible. This by itself can save you money and hassle as any non compliant waste disposal can lead to a substantial fine and will slow down the construction of a project.
These plans can also serve as excellent evidence of your environmental performance, which can often give your business a fantastic advantage when it comes to winning new business. With so much competition in the construction industry, any advantage (even with the standards of your commercial waste disposal) is a big benefit. This is especially true with more businesses looking at the environmental impact of their business.
Furthermore, the SWMP has also been designed to give the construction company in question a much better understanding of commercial waste disposal and its potential costs. This means that you will become more aware of how your commercial waste is managed so you can identify where money can be saved. All of these aspects mean that the SWMPs are not to be taken lightly as it can potentially be very important to the success of the project.
We have been helping many of our clients produce these Site Waste Management Plans and providing advice throughout the project. Our many years of commercial waste management experience means that we can advise as to the most suitable solution for the task at hand.With experience of both large and small construction projects, our expertise has helped save money and delivers a hassle free service.
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