Construction Waste Recycling

Construction waste recycling make sense environmentally, as well as saving contractor costs.
Use the information on this page to learn about how and where to recycle construction waste, as well as how to deal with special issues such as toxic substances.
garbage being recycledThis page covers:
  • Actions to take before you start
  • Local reuse and salvage facilities
  • Hazardous waste products
  • construction waste recycling
  • Businesses that accept construction waste
  • Printable brochure on construction waste recycling

Take Action Before You Start

1. Materials

Ask your contractor what materials will be used and which ones are recyclable.
Can any of the materials be purchased from reuse or salvage facilities such as the RE Store?

2. Recycling

Hire a hauler, ask your garbage collection company about recycling opportunities, or haul it yourself to a legally permitted disposal site, drop box, or facility.

3. Space/Set-up

Set up enough space ahead of time for recycling

Find out if the recyclables can be commingled or if they need to be separated (depends on how/what you will recycle).

Reuse & Salvage Facilities

Usually, these are organizations with licensed salvage and demolition crew. Most accept a wide range of used building materials for resale to the public. Donated material may be tax-deductible. Pick-up and removal is often available.
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