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This site is maintained by Stephen Last (Principal) of waste management and landfill consultancy professionals, IPPTS Associates.

We have more than 20 years of experience across a very wide range of subjects throughout the Resource and Waste Management Industry.

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Our Mission: To Promote Sustainability

When many people see articles like ours, which discuss minimizing man's impact on the environment, they tend to associate us with conservation. We do support conservation where we think it appropriate, but conservation can at times have serious negative consequences and especially if it holds up progress. Conservation of nature is not our main aim.

Instead, we are driven by the concept of sustainability and the development of sustainable communities, and we set out to apply this philosophy to the landfill-related subjects we write about.

More About Conservation and Sustainability

Definitions of conservation, are many and various. The earliest sense of the word was no doubt that used in physics as in:-

“When a quantity (eg- electric charge, energy or momentum) is conserved, it is the same after a reaction between particles as it was before.”

At the “Landfill Site” website, we use it in a much broader sense which also encompasses the concept of a sustainable community, as follows:-

“Preserving and renewing, when possible, human and natural resources. The use, protection, and improvement of natural resources according to principles that will ensure their highest economic and/or social benefits.”

Conservation suggests preservation, and the avoidance of change whereas “sustainability”, while embodying the same concepts of continuity through future generations, does not necessarily entail preservation and is much more open to change.

Our “Landfill-Site” Website Mission Statement

At the “Landfill Site” website our mission is simply:

“To promote the development of sustainable communities, through sustainable waste management.”

But Why Place a Landfill at the Centre of this?

We start with landfill because, neither conservation nor the development of sustainable communities, can be achieved in the long term without effective waste collection and disposal of the waste residue after waste minimisation, reuse, and recycling.

There is an urgent need to improve global landfilling practices now, and progressively to introduce much more, and better, waste processing and treatment, before the very much reduced volume of “residual” waste is sent to landfills. This is “sustainable waste management”.

If waste is not collected in any community there is a very obvious degradation of the environment and this begins to become apparent almost immediately after such services cease. Conservation, even in the sense of “preservation” cannot be maintained for long as any community would start to bury itself below its own waste!

Quality of life deteriorates very visibly from a lack of waste collection. However, without achieving the minimum standards of sanitary waste disposal as well, the same also applies. Sustainable waste management is essential.

So, the “Landfill Site Website will continue in its mission to publish articles and other media, that enhance waste management practices in sustainable ways.


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