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Landfill Management Services Companies – The Experts Paid to Look After Old Tips

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explanation of landfill management servicesLandfill Management Services Companies, are independent contracting organizations that make a business out of looking after landfills. They employ professionals who are both practical technicians skilled in monitoring landfills, and environmental management experts able to take action where it is needed, installing, servicing and maintaining the equipment on landfills which protects the environment around their perimeters.

They do this for landfill site owners and operators. In most cases they work on old and closed landfills, but they also provide their services to the large waste management companies, which subcontract the environmental compliance aspects of their active landfill site operations to these specialist landfill services companies are engaged to look aft. The best of them provide a full service including the functions described in this article.

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Emission Monitoring and Waste Regulations (e.g. Waste Permit) Compliance Services

Landfill services companies are engaged both by commercial landfill/ waste management companies, and local authority  waste disposal departments to carry out all monitoring and landfill site maintenance work needed for regulatory compliance of a landfill. These contracts are normally set up as period contracts, and bid for competitively, generally for 2 to 6 year periods.

The monitoring work needed varies from site to site, and the condition of the site (operational, closed but not restored, and closed and restored) with a low permeability cap, may include:

  • air pollution monitoring, gas sampling, water testing, air quality testing, noise pollution assessments and methods of noise nuisance abatement, landfill gas sampling, surface water level monitoring, landfill leachate quality analysis

All these tasks are highly specialized and need the skills of trained landfill technicians to carry them out. Owners of landfill sites can do this themselves, but they would need to employ a team of people to bring together sufficient breadth of knowledge to cover all the skills needed.

That's why Landfill Management Services Companies are becoming increasingly more popular and growing in size. A competent landfill management services company will take on responsibility to carry out all actions necessary to effectively look after old tips (landfills) on behalf of the owner/ operator, and take the necessary actions when necessary to protect the environment, as required by the environmental regulatory authority.

An vital part of Waste Permit compliance for landfills is Landfill Leachate Permit Compliance, and the tasks which a waste permit compliance service can provide are described in the next paragraph. In the later paragraphs of this article, we also identify the work that Landfill Management Services Companies carrry out to ensure compliance with regulatory constraints on landfill emissions to the air and groundwater.

Landfill Leachate Permit Compliance Service Details

Typical of packages offered by landfill services companies are regular site monitoring and maintenance/ equipment upgrades, which include the following compliance services:

  • general leachate pumping and  pump maintenance
  • ensuring that leachate collection and pumping systems work effectively
  • ensuring that leachate extraction is carried out to within the permitted leachate level range. (If pump systems need changing, there will possibly also need to be pumping trials carried out within this service offering.)
  • ensuring that any leachate discharged from the site to a watercourse, or tankered off-site untreated, complies with the requirements of the environmental permit.

Landfill Gas Systems Compliance Service

Typical of packages offered by landfill services companies to ensure regulatory compliance, and maximum gas engine uptime (and hence maximum renewable energy sales revenue), are services in:

  • gas extraction system maintenance,
  • gas combustion/ gas engine control, operation and maintenance

Other Landfill Compliance Services

Other Landfill Compliance Services, that may form part of the work of Landfill Management Services Companies can include:

  • landfill treatment
  • contaminated groundwater treatment
  • closed landfill management
  • leachate treatment and disposal
  • operating landfill gas control systems
  • air quality monitoring
  • vibration monitoring
  • environmental reporting.

Very few, if any landfill sites will require all of the above services, nevertheless the above list does show the very wide skill set possessed by the staff of competent Landfill Management Services Companies.

Typical Clients of Landfill Management Services Companies

The Clients of Landfill Management Services Companies include providing their expertise to:

  • water utility service providers
  • commercial and industrial waste landfill site operators
  • aggregates and other mineral extraction companies who run one or more landfills within the voids created by their mining activity
  • estates management companies who have responsibilities for old landfills
  • subcontractors to pollution monitoring specialist consultants.

 Who Provides This Type of Service?

An United Kingdom example of a full Landfill Management Services Company, is Enitial. Enitial are emission and pollution monitoring specialists who offer:

  • gas sampling
  • ground water treatment
  • landfill disposal
  • air quality and noise pollution inspection services
  • and many other specialisms, throughout the UK.

[highlight]In short, Landfill Management Services Companies look after landfills so that organisations which own and/or operate landfills can get on with making money from their core business, which is usually waste collection, waste treatment, and recycling, in all its many forms.[/highlight]

[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]For more information about the services offered by Enitial visit: http://www.enitial.co.uk[/box]

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