Inert Waste Acceptance Criteria

For those seeking waste acceptance criteria we have the following extract from the UK Defra web site. This may not be up to date and will require checking before use:

The limit values [Inert Waste Acceptance Criteria] [for Waste Licences/Environmental Permits] are taken from the 2002 European Landfill Directive (2003/33/EC). The 2002 Landfill Directive establishes criteria and procedures for the acceptance of waste at landfills throughout Europe. It is the basic framework employed [in Europe] when classifying wastes which are suspected to contain contamination, if there is any suspicion that the waste is contaminated a representative sample of the waste must be sent to an accredited laboratory to undergo specific analysis. The certified analysis results are then compared to the limits set …. and the waste is then deemed acceptable or unacceptable.

Note 1: If the waste does not meet these values for sulphate, it may still be considered as complying with the acceptance criteria if the leaching does not exceed either of the following values: 1500 mg/kg as C0 at L/S = 0.1 l/kg and 6000mg/kg at L/S = 10 l/kg. It will be necessary to use a percolation test to determine the limit value at L/S = 0.1 l/kg under initial equilibrium conditions, whereas the value at L/S = 10 l/kg may be determined either by a batch leaching test or by a percolation test under conditions approaching local equilibrium.

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