Is Home Waste Collection Frequency a Serious Problem? The Waste Concern Solution

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Are you suffering from infrequent Council household (or home) waste collections of two weeks wait or longer? Do you want to forget about the hassle of separating out recyclable materials? If so, and you are in the UK you can arrange for your own waste collection service, and have a collection weekly or even more often if you wish. Read on to find out more:

Is Your Home Waste Collection Becoming a Serious Problem/ Waste Concern?

Home waste concern

Real Life Solutions to Waste and Recycling Problems

Is the frequency of your home waste collection service causing you problems? Is a fortnightly or weekly collection just too long to wait, for your needs?

Food packaging, garden waste, product packaging, boxes, nappies, food waste, bottles, the list goes on. As consumerism continues to rise, so does the amount of garbage that the average household has to deal with, not to mention recycle. Every week, households breathe a sigh of relief when their wheelie bins are emptied, but not for much longer if local councils have anything to do with it.

Recently, more and more borough councils have made announcements regarding their intention to increase the time between refuse collections in an effort to save money and encourage households to recycle more. This has led to an outcry from the media and households, with stories of overflowing bins, fines for not recycling properly, and multiple recycling receptacles that are confusing.

If people fill their wheelie bins too much, they will have to deal with the consequences themselves, whether it is storing the surplus garbage elsewhere or taking it to the dump themselves.

As the current system becomes increasingly complex and inconvenient, waste collection companies outside of the council have begun offering their services, becoming popular due to their flexibility and convenience.

“With Waste Concern your bins are collected at the complete convenience of the customer, at times that they decide, however frequent.”

Waste Concern is the UK’s first and only household waste disposal company that caters exclusively to households, including recycling and garden waste. Waste Concern supplies their own bins to customers, who can then put all of their garbage into it, including recyclables.

Household Waste Management with a Difference! Waste Concern Collect When You Say So!

Bins are then collected at the complete convenience of the customer, at times that they decide, however frequent.

Many households use outside companies such as Waste Concern to fill the gap between the council pickups, as well as after events where more garbage than usual is generated (such as a party, or large scale garden work).


Another criticism of the current system is the confusion that comes with having so many different receptacles for recyclable materials, people get confused or overwhelmed, and as a result may not bother with it, risking fines.

With Waste Concern, all household recycling goes into the same wheelie bin as the rest of the normal household garbage, it is then sorted by partners at a later point.

As a result of this convenience, households are more likely to recycle, and garbage will no longer pile up at home or around neighbourhoods.

Waste Concern currently caters for many areas in southern middle England and other areas in the UK, with the aim of expanding the service to meet the needs of households throughout the country.

More details are available at the Waste-Concern Website.

First Published: 11 September 2014, Updated 13 May 2020

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