landfill skip permits needed in some UK boroughs

Skip Permits and the UK 1980 Highways Act

landfill skip permits needed in some UK boroughsIn some local authority areas a Skip Permit is required before you are legally permitted to place the skip in the road. The Skip hire permit will cost money and take time to arrange. So don’t forget to budget and plan for this. All good skip hire companies will advise you on your local requirements. You may also require a parking permit for the skip hire period to pay for duration of occupancy of the space(s) in which the skip will be parked on the highway.

If your application meets all the necessary conditions, the council will grant you permission to put a skip in the road in accordance with section 139 of the 1980 Highways Act. Each skip must not be bigger than 5 metres in length by 2 metres in width and skips must be positioned in the road unless the council has granted a permit for the skip to be placed elsewhere. If you need to have a skip in the road for an additional amount of time, you must reapply to the council for another skip permit.

A number of companies are willing to arrange a “wait and load” service where the driver will wait, whilst the skip is loaded, and by doing this where the council normally requires a permit, it may be possible to avoid the need for the permit. Take care to ensure that the loading is sufficiently rapid though, otherwise the activity may be considered to be causing an obstruction especially in very busy city streets, and expose you to the possibility of a legal action.

One of the most important aspects about hiring a waste removal service is that you have to find a skip hire operator that will reliably turn up when they say they will, and return to remove their container promptly.

Skip hire companies strive to bring you the lowest prices and compete fiercely for their trade in many towns. Nevertheless, the cheapest may not be the best resourced when it comes to dependability; so be warned about this if you make your choice of service provider on price alone.

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