Duty of Care and making sure to comply

The Skip Hire Operator’s Duty of Care (UK)

Duty of Care and making sure to complyDuty of Care (UK) Requirements for Skip Hire Service Companies

Many nations suffer fly tipping problems and the UK response has been to introduce a legal duty of care on the originator of waste. We have all seen documentaries and information about “rogue” waste traders.

Be aware that if you are a commercial trader producing waste rather than just a householder as it is your legal duty, as well as the trader’s, to ensure that you complete all record keeping and waste consignment notifications required (although the trader/service provider may assist you in this).

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You need to make yourself aware of the Duty of Care in waste transport requirements and if necessary contact your council for information. Also, you must make sure that the necessary waste consignment paperwork required under the Duty of Care regulations is completed if the contractor does not do this, as in the end any commercial producers bears a responsibility whoever actually removes and transports the waste.

These regulations have been created to reduce and halt fly tipping which can only continue to occur if the waste producer turns a blind eye to the proper completion of procedures in force under the Duty of Care regulations.

As a minimum standard of good practice, all commercial waste producers in all countries, should (whether Duty of Care Regulations –Waste Management Law UK, are in force or not), ensure that the following information is provided by all waste disposal service providers:-

Full business name and address,

  • Names and ages of directors,
  • Contact details and website address, and
  • Several years of the latest accounts available.
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