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List of Landfill Sites in England – in Spreadsheet Format

We solved the long-standing problem that there is no official list of Landfill Sites in England available on the web!

We did the searches for you and compiled the data into a spreadsheet with the Landfill Site Names, Company Names, and Addresses.

Using our list of over 300 permitted waste management sites means:

  • To People With Waste to Dispose of Locally: No more spending hours searching the websites of the UK's largest landfill companies one by one, to find their websites on the off chance one would appear conveniently near you
  • To Company Waste Managers Seeking to Let a Contract for Waste Disposal (Waste Collection Contracts): No more worrying that you missed a suitable landfill operator in your area who would be able to tender.
  • Rapid searching for council areas and towns to quickly select suitable landfills to contact for a quote for tipping, with or without collection.

Those that sign-up and buy this truly low-cost high-value spreadsheet receive a file download in several spreadsheet formats (Excel,  CSV and Open Source (.odf)).

We have compiled the list of Landfill Sites in England based upon the UK EA's Public Register of Permits, in several formats for immediate download for those seeking his data.

It's waiting ready for you to buy and use, now!

 Price $17 

30 Day No Quibble Guarantee.



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