just an ordinary recycled tote bag

How to Make a Recycled Tote Bag

just an ordinary recycled tote bagA number of people have asked us How-to Make a Recycled Tote Bag. These are quite simply a cool fashion accessory!

It is good news for recycled bags! Recycled bags are appearing both at the fashion end of the market spectrum and more prosaically as free items when we go to the supermarket. So, at both ends of the market uptake of the green option is rising.“Green” has even been described as the new “black” for today's handbag lovers who have become eco-friendly. Those luxury named products such as Louis Vuitton and Prada will continue to hold a special place in our hearts. But the fact is that modern style icons are avoiding these designers and seeking out more environmentally-friendly accessory brands.

We've all listened to the case for recycling paper, plastics, and glass, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Nowadays handbag designers are taking unpromising waste materials into truly stunning accessories you'll want to own for a very long time. thta's why this page is devoted to explaining with videos, how to make a recycled tote bag. It all started with woven candy-wrapper purses, but thse days you'll discover bags made from rice sacks, vehicle number plates, drink cartons, pull tabs, and a great deal beyond that! These innovative purses reduce the tonnage of waste going to landfills, and bring a real conversation starter to any event at which you taker them.

Reuse Paper. Reduce Plastic Waste
(How to make a recycled bag from newspaper)

A friend recently commented that Walmart has new plastic bags. They are recycled bags and they say there made from 100% recycled plastic, and as far as we know, it is a permanent program.

Green packaging like these recycled bags is without question the fastest growing end of the packaging industry. We as consumers should be happy about that, as it is green it is “sustainable” and will also be reducing our waste disposal bill when we pay our municipal rates/taxes by reinforcing the market for recycled plastics and reducing the amount of waste which goes to landfill.

In fact as green consumers we should look for retailers who are providing numerous recycled products and biodegradable products for their customers. Even recycled bags (both paper bags and plastic bags) can range to boxes and even reusable canvas tote bags are available and such stores are going the extra mile in making sure their products promote a healthier environment.

If you are a small business owner there is no reason why you should not get in on this as well. Recycled bags can be ordered from specialist wholesalers which come complete with the option of a custom logo design, and can be used and sold on as a wonderful way to promote your company or products in an environmentally conscious way.

Most Americans like to help the recycling effort by putting materials in their recycling bin or at a drop-off center. But many people don't realize that another important step to keep recycling working is to buy products made from recycled content materials. So do purchase recycled content products when you get the chance and they suit your needs, in order to maintain market demand for recyclables and ensure the continuation of recycling programs everywhere.

Look out for labels which say things like “this bag is made from 100% Recycled post-consumer plastic bottles”.

Recycled bags are just a small part of modern waste recycling and the plastic in a recycled bag you buy has often been processed at a  materials recovery facility mrfThe Waste Technology web site has tons more info about this, and is well worth a visit for EVERYONE interested in sustainable waste management.

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