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Waste Management Regulations

Jiu Jiadian the helpful life will certainly be at a look. Recently, the press reporter picked up from China Association of scrap, “General identification of pre-owned quality” and discarded family appliances for the “pre-owned quality accreditation old appliances” market standard has actually been embraced by the Ministry of Commerce of the audit, honest. By then, no “identity” of the Jiu Jiadian listed will be rejected.

This long ago, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly with relevant departments of the drafting of the “waste electrical and electronic item recycling policies” have actually likewise been with the review stage, and complete exchange of all ministries signed, officially revealed quickly by the National Development and Reform Commission.

Shot almost at the same time 3 guidelines, is bound to result in a consolidation of waste family appliances storm.

Several complementary laws and policies

It is comprehended that, “General characterization junk” and “used quality accreditation old family home appliances,” not just for the old family devices market conventional qualification criteria, the age to make it clear that it also supplies all the access utilized market Jiujia Dian, must be the identification of persons liable for quality second-hand; without recognition, might not be sold. Substantial part in the linked sign of the old paste home appliances, safe use of a duration of 2 years; not certainly part of paste combined sign of the old family appliances, the safe use of a period of 10 years. This implies that all the “waste family appliances” will be allowed to get in the secondary market.

Said that “waste electrical and electronic product recycling regulations,” this year is expected to formally embrace and enforce the application of the future, the future home device producers, distributors and service organizations, are dedicated to reusing of waste home appliances Otherwise, a maximum fine of 100,000 yuan will certainly be. This means that some of the future out of waste home devices can not be straight tossed into the trash, can not simply sell to recycling family electrical devices and can just certified appliances to deal with the recycling business. Nevertheless, the present scenario is that China’s household electrical device treatment system is not fully established at the exploratory stage, the source and amount of waste family appliances merely can not be assured.

Chinese junk Market Association, said the Secretary-General Tan Yejun, “General characterization junk” and “used quality accreditation old household appliances,” the introduction of two significant market standards, will be the very first to break the pre-owned products market in disorder circumstance, alter the pre-owned products market for several years an absence of supervision of the state, cutting “waste family home appliances” camouflaged into the secondary market channels, so about safeguard the safety of pre-owned goods market, to secure the basic interests of customers. While likewise resolving the waste home devices recycling system “without the necessary fuel,” the awkward scenario.

Industry believes, “Identification of old home devices secondhand quality” requirements and “waste electrical and electronic item recycling policies” are complementary, the previous specified the distinction between Jiujia Dian and waste home appliances. Jiu Jiadian is tested to fulfill security requirements and performance standards, can continue to sell as 2nd hand goods, use of products; waste home home appliances is more than useful life, it causes the quality, unable to utilize the item. This recycling of waste electrical and electronic items to provide a basis for therapy and defense.

Promote enhanced collection system

Three significant laws and regulations were shot, is expecteded to trigger a storm playing consolidation of waste home appliances. Data program that using family devices, there are strict age of color Television Set in 8 to 10 years, fridges in 13 years to 16 years, the computer 6 years. This year, China began to enter the peak of house appliances disposed of each year is anticipated to be about 2,000 million devices of color TV sets, computer systems, ac unit and other large house devices into the waste duration, the market size up to hundreds of billion yuan.

Authority believes that the existing lack of efficient guidance, a lot has to be gotten rid of “waste family devices” into the secondary market, not just a security threat to customers, but likewise to reusing waste management systems home appliances are not ideal. In addition, some individuals with a scrap dealer or poor quality appliance parts home appliance illegal assembly, triggering massive e-waste and ecological pollution.

Experts explained that big amount of confusion in the management market, countered the recuperation channel, the severe pollution issues, used home appliance market has long desire for a reorganization chaos. Three regulations were introduced, this scenario will be removed.

Association of Chinese home appliance repair service

Wang Yukui Permanent Secretary said that the three guidelines for the customer, legitimate operators and second-hand home devices home device recycling business Waste clear direction. And customers can compare waste household electric appliances and Jiujia Dian; on pre-owned devices for genuine operators, waste recycling home appliances to go with the legitimate manufacturers, and Jiu Jiadian can offer to the routine pre-owned home appliance market; on recycling business that can stabilize the variety of sources. 3 regulations to promote recycling of our waste electrical system best.

Implementation will certainly come across difficulties and challenges

But reporters in the capital part of the flea market and found an interview with a multitude of extended service of house devices are still offering. In Panjiayuan Flea Market, a multitude of used house devices sales, depends businesses “mouth” Fudge, consumers do not know the real life of pre-owned house devices, security. Reporters likewise found that upkeep of family devices, numerous home devices gather a multitude within the maintenance department, and has “old-fashioned” home appliance, it is said these “old” part of a consumer appliance repaired keep continue to make use of the part of the “battle” the secondary market sales.

Appears that the consolidation of used devices storm, will experience difficulties and obstacles.

Waste Management Plan